Ambient Findability Pt. I – What we find changes who we become

I am currently reading a book called “Ambient Findability – What we find changes who we become”.

I’ve been studying this concept by mapping out the Internet as if it were an actual space with geographic regions, crossovers, boundaries and cultural sectors.

Although the reduction of time/space has brought the near to the far, and the far to the near, the amount of information accessible on the net is what keeps everything running into each other. Information is hierarchical, contained, and organized by those who use and create it. If what we find changes what we become, then we also change the nature of what we find (by voting, by page views, by advertising, by the introduction of new products/ideas).

So I would like to write about what I’m going to call Trickle-Down Ideonomics, the speed of ideas in reduced time geographies.

Wandering the net through different sectors is like going through the net in the French ‘derive’, alluded to by French sociologist Guy Debord. Another side project I am going to do will involve videotaping a jaunt through cyberspace during different times of day under different circumstances (caffeinated, tired, awake, morning, night, drunk, stoned, around friends ect।, in order to see how these states affect what I decided to look at online. I’d also like to track waste of idea and information flows.)


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