Ambient Findability Pt. II – The findability functions of Stumbleupon.

Stumbleupon is successful because is a better-functioning version of Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” button.

Since time and space are no longer a concern, ideas/links/information must be grouped in a non-linear way as well. Linear search engines deny the simultaneity of action, result, and true relevancy of websites. Stumble-like search engines also reduce user clicks to a minimum by allowing users to press a button to change their channel, but it also allows users to define their channel.

If the channel is “free photoshop tutorials”, the ‘stumble’ button can be pressed and the user instantly transported to a website within that idea category. By using a sort of ethereal subject cloud with undefined boundaries, the user has a greater chance of finding viable information. It also limits the amount of results to one page at a time.


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