Business – Applied Postmodern Theory

A business should run like an athlete. It should be lean, with muscle and no unnecessary fat. It should be agile and capable of making quick changes. It should be more than just an athlete. In the new global economy, a company must be Olympian in ability, to be truly successful.

All muscle should be developed according to the type of athlete it is. A speedskater has different muscles developed than does an tennis player.

Companies must always be training; always watching their weight. A few extra pounds — a few days off without training, and the company may still be successful, but this success will be false. Under the right market conditions, even poorly managed companies can be successful. But market conditions rise and fall like emotions, and the subsidy that a good market provides to a bad company is what makes many managers lazy.

The concept of light modernity, when applied to business, is key to a successful enterprise. A successful enterprise is one that minimized effort and liability. Effort and liability can be cut off at the root by employing strategies that prevent excess mass from accumulating. success and minimized liability and effort.

Streamlining is removing anything from your business that detracts from its ultimate purpose. This does not necessarily mean downsizing. It means having your company examined and streamlined by a corporate anthropologist.

The smallest company can often move the quickest. A storefront is becoming a liability. A store that sells CD’s is now a liability to itself. CD’s are no longer light. MP3’s are. CD’s must be inserted into computers or players manually. MP3’s require less effort. Keeping music inside computers, without tangible essence, is the genius of itunes. The only hardware is a liquid device – the ipod, which is tiny, mobile, and automatically updated and changed at will. Everything that requires less human action (movements, clicks, material) will succeed.

Don’t Click It is an online user-based experiment that is an attempt to determine future usability of websi and liquid devices. It is one of the most liquid websites in existence (excluding artist and experimental design firms and Macromedia Extraordinaries). The entire site can be navigated with just one click. It utilizes what I will call “zones of action” to achieve this.


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