Sociologist Zygmunt Bauman on Liquid Modernity.

The following quotes are excerpts about the nature of the digital state from Zygmunt Bauman‘s book, Liquid Modernity. A short analysis follows most quotes.

“In the era of software, of light modernity, the effectiveness of time as a means of value-attainment tends to approach infinity; with the paradoxical effect of levelling up (or rather down) the value of all units in the field of potential objectives” (Bauman, ११८).

“The question mark has moved from the side of the means to tat of the ends. If applied ot the same time-space (that is in ‘no-time’), no part of space is private, none has ‘special value’ (Bauman, 118).

Digital –> idea ‘capitals’.
Idea capitals on the net are communities of bloggers, extensions of conferences and developer networks (designers, programmers, ect।) that push out onto the web from different parts of the world.

These sectors of the net are the digital equivalent of idea ‘capitals’, in that geographic capitals are areas of concentrated, quickly moving time/ideas, especially in capitals of creative culturals.

Analog –> fashion ‘capitals’ (events), then trickle down of those in the industry. Or, in creative cultural sites (pre-net), an analog dispersion of ideas through fax machines, print journals, and mail.

So then we look to the speed of ‘idea’ — on the net, there is the same form of the trickle down of ideas as there is in reality, but it is done in the absence of space. Time is not completely reduced in this space.

If all parts of space can be reached at any moment, there is no reason to worry about securing the right of access to any” (Bauman, 118), because the density of information determined what information geography a person exists in.

The Youtube geography is similar to a country, and like a country, it is is full of different sectors while also being connected to different websites (of course, this is a seed argument. This analogy must be strengthened with research into the construction and nomenclature of cities, towns, boundaries, ect.).


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