Design is the Product (with Tumblr example).

According to Malcolm McCullough, author of Digital Ground (2004), “Design is the Product”.

Design is what people experience, what they see…all text, all seen and unseen material. Online voluntary communities need a base under which to interact. They cant be forced into acting voluntarily.

A websites’ user base should be voluntary – you should be providing a comfortable nesting ground for their actions.

Youtube is in a key position with those who allow them the space for their communities to interact.

For instance, telling the user base that a new tool exists and they should use it is wrong. The tool should be added in and capable of being found by the user during normal routine actions. embedding a new action option tool into the user’s experience will allow them to ‘discover’ that tool for themselves and then determine, over time, the best use of that tool.

tools should be created to move forward the voluntary community’s ability to reach their goals. in doing this, the creator must be able to future project what the user’s end goals are, or ultimate end goal, and then help the user to get there by little steps.

The creators can manufacture that end goal only to a certain extent. Unlike Software On-Demand the user may not have their own end goal so explicitly stated (or have business needs). However, the user must glean value (attention or experience) in using the tool in order to use it.

Using incentives like $10,000 prizes work once in a while, but tend to frighten off many users who would normally work towards a progressive goal along the lines of the prize offering anyways.

Explicitly stated actions or rules for the user to follow are confining and dictatorial. Suggestions are better (see Tumblr – a user-based and created space to post quotes, pictures, and videos (a sort of microblog with media…but with less interconnectivity than Twitter). The database/user experience must expand more from the side of the users and the system must be mutable enough for the to move with the space of the user.

Matter makes space bend, the shape of space makes matter move.

A system that allows organic, natural systemic evolution works the best. it must be reduced always to its lowest point, with nothing extraneous. (See Taoism…extractions from natural law). If a system’s physics are being defined by Google, they’ll take the path of water too. Natural law still governs cyber law.

Picture: GUI of the social media microblogging site, Tumblr.


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