Social Gravity and the Attention Economy

Cyborg anthroplogy and black holes.
How humans change the world and how technology has changed humans.
We are on the internet right bnow.
The Intenet has its own physical laws that are jsut like the laws lawas of the univers.e

The social gravity of things. Youtube has a sun, that is youtube. and the applications and videos associated with Youtube are the planets. Each has its own specifie gravity. Social gravity is what draws people to websites. Webistes are under the same laws of social gravity as matter or planets. People are reduced to particles acting socially, and when these particles coalesce on a website in a swarm, that means gravity.

In periods of recession, a lot of people go to grad school. They think they can wait out the economy. If they don’t go to school for engineering, law, medicine, or business, or do something with the new gloablized economy, they end up becoming unemployable.


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