The Importance of Time Value

Time Value is a concept Japanese Futurist Yoneji Masuda developed.

“The development of information productivity through computer communications technology has given rise to a new concept of TIME-VALUE to replace material values” “Time is an intangible, abstract concept, by which we mean the measurement of the passage of time…”

“But if conceived of as a person’s lifetime, time used fo the satisfaction of wants, time itself creates value” (Masuda, 71 [The Information Society as Post Industrial Society]).

A blog visitor commented that time-value could better be defined as ‘now-value’ in today’s terms. Value is realized relative to other constructions of value. Each time you are doing anything, especially using the Internet, ask yourself, “is what I am doing an optimum use of my now-value?”

I used to use a program called 8aweek to track my time usage on programs like flickr, digg, and facebook. Eventually, I realized that a better use of my now-value would be to write, and that anything I wrote might be better than simply wading rather unconstructively through photos.

A recent article on unhealthy bloggers shows the sped up now-value of being able to post, but this now-value forces the blogger to work on Internet time instead of his own. Now-value and time-value on the net is different because all time is flowing at once, in all time zones. Twenty four instances of 5 Pm at the same time is twenty four times more 5 o’clocks than can be accessed in real-life time.

2 Responses

  1. Perhaps another way to appraise the value one’s time is to perceive it as “now value.” What is the value to you of the activity you’re engaged in at any given moment? If you’re doing something you perceive as of little value, what’s the opportunity cost to you of those squandered moments? Perceiving of time value in “now mode” often inspires greater immediacy in assigning value to even small chunks of one’s finite lifespan.

  2. That’s a good point. I suppose Masuda’s construction of time-value manifests as now-value today.

    So you are saying that if people were to think of value in terms of what they could be doing, or how valuable the moment is to them relative to other moments, that would give ‘greater immediacy’ to their analysis of time value.

    Thanks for your comment. I feel like completely editing my post now. 🙂

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