Another Harbinger of Facebook’s Coming Demise

Youtube Facebook video parody of “we didn’t start the fire” with
“I’m Getting bored of Facebook” hit Youtube two months ago.
Now it’s snapped up approx. 4 million hits.

The SEO community moved on from Facebook to Twitter, Linkedin, and others for a long time now. Now the mass will move somewhere else as well. It could be Twitter, but it may be something newer than that.

Is it legal for one site’s user contents to migrate to another site by the press of a button? Could Facebook users simply export their photos and settings into a new, cleaner Facebook-like database?

My law textbook on Internet Commerce does not have the answer, but I am sure that this event will quickly appear on the digital legal landscape.

2 Responses

  1. Facebook’s really lost its appeal to me, like it has to many–since we got over the novelty of it, since the newsfeed happened, since applications happened–we’re all moving on. To Twitter, or elsewhere.

    Haha, I saw you with that book the other day. You’re always up on what’s going on. I hope we get to spend more time together so you can enlighten me.

  2. The new Timeline signals facebook’s demise. Like MySpace FaceBook tries to alienate it’s users.

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