Using Tweetvolume vs. Addictomatic

Twitterers may enjoy Tweetvolume for it’s ability to graphically display the search volumes of up to five terms at once.

While this is an interesting concept, it does not show when and where the posts were created. Neither does it provide data on what users have posted what.

My vote still goes to Addictomatic, because of the sheer volume and choice of search results.

When I type in ‘Anthropology’, I get results from 16+ sites, including Twitter (where, who, when), Youtube, Flickr, Technorati, Google Blog Search, Delicious Tags, News, ect.

Conclusion: Tweetvolume is useful for volume comparison of terms in one space, while Addictomatic is more encompassing. However, neither provide dates of data, and thus do not provide “to the second” updates useful for creating a catchy targeted post. And, since they both do really different things, I may be comparing apples and oranges.

Another Harbinger of Facebook’s Coming Demise

Youtube Facebook video parody of “we didn’t start the fire” with
“I’m Getting bored of Facebook” hit Youtube two months ago.
Now it’s snapped up approx. 4 million hits.

The SEO community moved on from Facebook to Twitter, Linkedin, and others for a long time now. Now the mass will move somewhere else as well. It could be Twitter, but it may be something newer than that.

Is it legal for one site’s user contents to migrate to another site by the press of a button? Could Facebook users simply export their photos and settings into a new, cleaner Facebook-like database?

My law textbook on Internet Commerce does not have the answer, but I am sure that this event will quickly appear on the digital legal landscape.